Current Projects:

2014-2017: Wirtschaftsunterricht international und handlungsorientiert gestalten (WIN WIN)

Partners: Institut für Ökonomische Bildung, CARL VON OSSIETZKY UNIVERSITAET OLDENBURG, Regionalny Osrodek Doskonalenia Nauczycieli RECTUS, VARNA FREE UNIVERSITY, Start It Smart, Hristo Botev school – Nikolaevka, Publiczne Gimnazjum nr3, III LO w ZSO nr 2 w Bialej Podlaskiej, Oberschule Osternburg

Project Meetings:   Jan2015 – Oldenburg, Germany/20.01.-23.01/Sept. 2015 – Biala Polaska, Polland /20.09.-23.09/; Mobilities: Feb 2015 - Оldenburg, Germany /22.02. – 28.02./, Sofia, Bulgaria /2016/

Project Mobilities:

Activities: Monthly meetings and visits as part of the extramural activities of the students with business practitioners on various topics on entrepreneurship and tips of writing a business plan; Establishing the student simulation company "Event Management" as a training firm in 2015 as part of Win project. The main activities are focused on organization and hosting of events, events, team building, lectures, seminars, business meetings and conferences, using the school resources and ambition of students to create a working model of student enterprise. On the 05.06.2015, there was an official presenation and validation of Private trade school's business plan in regards of the student company which took place at the Varna Free University.  


Our student company is registered at the National Registry agency as part of the Bulgarian Center for training firms with offical number № 20152016536/08.12.2015


2016 - 2017: Project Name: "Ecological and cost-efficiency of financial management in business”; Erasmus + KA 1; Contact numer: 2016-1-BG01-KA102-023298

The project of Private Trade School - Varna "Ecological and cost-efficiency of financial management in business” is aimed at 10 students from X - XII grade students, majoring in the specialty "Banking", a third qualification degree, as to acquire knowledge, skills and form new behavioral approach in managing the processes of financial management in order to reduce damaging and utilization of natural resources and promote the implementation of environmentally friendly and financial solutions for cost-efficiency in financial institutions and businesses.

The project includes mobility training and practice of students provided by the partner "MAD for EUROPE" in Spain, as well as work placements in 10 financial institutions in Madrid. The visit in a country, such as Spain with traditions in finances and banking, is carried out in the period 27.03.2017 - 10.04.2017, and includes work in a real working environment.

The partnership between Private Trade School Varna and the Spanish organization "MAD for Europe" provides a presentation of the Spanish experience in the field of financial management, implementation of specialized models for risk assessment in the financial economic sector, managerial styles of behavior and decision-making, implementation methods solutions for anti-crisis management, recruitment and career development of financial staff. The students will learn how to work with documentation at a financial institution dealing with the banking, insurance or outsourcing activities in these areas - experience which they will transfer to the current Bulgarian economy.

2014-2015: " Innovative economy in tourism and marine industry - a platform for young business leaders", Erasmus +, KA1 Mobility

The project aims at creating entrepreneurial skills of 10 students of XI and XII grade studying in " Banking " and “Customs and tax control.” The idea of the project includes the implementation of mobility for training and practice of students in provided by the partners "Training to Malta" jobs in companies of the tourism industry and the maritime economy of Malta. The visit to this popular tourist and sea country covers the period 26/03/2015 to 10/04/2015 and includes work in a real working environment in to the following companies: Cme group, Valletta sms Group, Valletta Tourism school, Bujibba Hotel, Chamber of tourism Malta, St.Julians public tourism office, Labor office in Malta, Central Customs Office.

The partnership aims to present the Maltese experience in management , leadership, decision making process , recruitment, training and working with documents in the micro, small and medium enterprises engaged in tourism, maritime industry or outsourcing activities in these areas.

The Students need this mobility, to develop themselves as professionals, to monitor innovative entrepreneurial ideas and to learn about the traditions in this area in a major tourist destination and maritime country like Malta.

2013-2015: "Mare Nostrum", financed by COMENIUS Multilateral school partnerships

The project is a partnership between European Schools located in coastal cities from the following countries: Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Portugal, France and Romania. The goals is to carry out a MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENTIFIC LABORATORY ON COASTAL ECOSYSTEM. The basic idea is that school  must tend to the gradual transformation of the traditional learning into a "learning environment" that is to say a physical space of research: classroom, museum, science lab, natural environment but also mental space in which the search will replace the transmission, awaking in students the construction of meaning. We have chosen the sea as basic scope because it is closely linked to the concept of Europe in geographical, political, cultural and symbolic way. The sea, from which all forms of life have birth, is in itself a huge laboratory and a learning environment.
Pupils will study coastal ecosystem across Europe and they will compare their results by:
taking photos, organizing photo exibitions and Power Point presentations, making a film on the coastal health, monitoring the water, put their results in a dedicated multilingual website, improuving their fluency in foreign language, using TIC , learning by doing, making new friends. The work being flexible, pupils with special educational needs will have their part in it. All partners  will work in a collaborative way throughout the project, comparing their different methodologies, implementing and evaluating activities.

Past Projects

1. "Stop being puzzled by diversity", ACES (Academy of Central European Schools)2013/2014.

The project is a bilateral partnership between two schools from Bulgaria and Slovakia. It aims to use interactive theater techniques as a tool for diversity awareness. The specific focus is on fighting prejudice and discrimination of ‘the other’. The students from each country will create short theater pieces reflecting on their own culture, which will all be combined in a final cross-cultural documentary theater multimedia performance expressing the aces core values and principles.

2."Capturing reality: youth using digital media proactively",  ACES  2012/2013,

The project aims to provide the participants with the practical and conceptual tools to produce their own media in order to become active citizens in the civic society. The mutual collaboration between Private Trade School (Bulgaria) and High School Ovidius (Romania) enabled the students to create effective digital media products that were disseminated via various channels of communication. The 12 short student films focus on ecological sustainability of the Black Sea coastal towns. 

2. "European standards for recruitment and qualification of staff in tourism”, EU Lifelong Learning program (01.12.2011-01.06.2012), Bulgaria & Italy

2. "Leonardo da Vinci" 2009, "Internal control in tourism", Mobility Portugal, Bulgaria & Portugal

3. "Once upon a time", Youth in Action/Youth Exchange, 2009, Bulgaria & Turkey

4. “Professional motivation for participation of young people in the family hotel business” September 2001 to September 2002 (12 months), Bulgaria & Spain, "Leonardo da Vinchi”- Bulgaria, Spain (02/9255024)