Private Trade School is a privately financed high school in Varna, Bulgaria, established in 1995.

The aim of Private Trade School is to create the conditions for an individual approach to education. The school environment is creative and safe: class numbers are limited to 10. It offers opportunities for international students and distance learning education.

The objective of the school is to prepare qualified future specialists in Banking, Accountancy, Economics and Management, which are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge for their future realization.

The main languages in the school are English and Spanish. In their 3rd year of study, the students have an option to choose Italian as a third language.

Information Technologies has a leading role in the educational process. The students also participate in various language practical courses overseas and take active part in European projects, focusing on social, cultural and ecological topics.

School Mission

  • Discipline of daily practice
  • Stability in relationships
  • Mutual service
  • Hospitality


Through this Mission we seek to:

  • encourage and help each individual student in the pursuit of excellence
  • promote values of respect for ourselves, for others and for the world around us
  • create a close partnership with parents in the education of their children


We do this in order to promote the development of young men and women who will:

  • achieve success at School and beyond
  • be happy in their personal and family lives
  • make a distinctive contribution to society in their own professional careers